Eugene- “The Corruption of my Children”
Kambili and Jaja have been away for three days now, and I can already imagine all of the blasphemous things they have heard in Nsukka. I pray that my dear children do not fall prey to the devil. I feel anxious at the thought of them being exposed to Ifeoma’s liberal university nonsense. Will they soak it up? Will they reject it? What was I thinking- allowing them to be so far away from me? It is my job to guide them in their thinking and their interpretation of corrupt ideas that surround them. I wish I could tell them that Ifeoma, and especially Papa-Nnukwu, are simply misguided, and that their jibber-jabber ought to be interpreted as a cry for guidance into the pursuit of righteousness. I pity Ifeoma, as she does not have a husband to lay down the law and discipline her unruly children. I have always known that a woman does not have the capability to properly lead a household; just look at her daughter. A girl raised with as much freedom as she has, is bound to become a vile adulteress eventually. Despite all of this, I have hope that my children will be able to decipher good from evil, even in the face of Satan wearing the mask of so-called ‘freedom’. Freedom from my punishments and the organization I demand only results in temporary pleasure. If they return forgetting their place in my house, they will receive a rude awakening.


[Disclaimer: all characters belong to Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie; this diary entry is part of a class activity to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of her characters by embodying and portraying them]


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