Kambili- “An Alien Way of Life”
My first day at aunty Ifeoma’s house has been the biggest shock of my entire life. My cousins have no schedules or bedtimes. They break out in song in the middle of saying the rosary. Amaka can talk back to her mother without facing consequences. Papa would not be happy to hear that I am living in such a household. “Disorderly,” he would call it. I wonder if my cousins have always been free to do what they like, or if they had caused so much trouble that aunty Ifeoma eventually gave up on discipline. Surely she is not fond of Amaka’s attitude? Papa would not tolerate half of what she does. I am glad that Amaka is not his daughter; I would hate to hear her cries.
This “vacation” as aunty calls it, feels more like a challenge. Amaka’s comments make me wish I was a turtle who could retreat into its shell at any moment. Her remarks in reference to Papa’s wealth make me blush. In a way, I feel guilty that my family owns so much; although I am not sure why. I know I should appreciate all of Papa’s hard work and accomplishments that have provided me, Jaja, and mother with so much. I pray that the Lord give me strength for the next few days…


Featured picture: Enugu Highway, Nsukka, Nigeria
The “Road to Freedom” for Kambili

[Disclaimer: all characters belong to Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie; this diary entry is part of a class activity to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of her characters by embodying and portraying them]


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