Kambili – “Praise”

Monday 4th April, 2017

Today had been a good day. At breakfast this morning, I got to see Papa smile. He smiled because of something that Jaja said and I wished that I could have been the one to make him smile so. After breakfast, I went to school and around half-way through the school day Sister Margaret gave us a surprise test. I know that I did well on the test, for I answered all of the questions given. After getting home and eating my lunch, I was at my desk doing homework when Jaja came in to see me. I was happy to see him. We spoke for a short while and then he went back to his room to finish his studies. When dinner time came, Mama called Jaja and I down for dinner. Papa looked to be in a bad mood, he was going on about young women being ungodly and provoking good men. Jaja had asked what had happened and Papa went into saying how he had seen these young women in shorts and tight shirts running after men. Papa then looked at me and I said that wearing pants is a sin and that they are being ungodly for doing so. Papa then smiled at me and gave me praise for saying that. I am so happy that he praised me and that I made him smile.

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Disclaimer: All characters mentioned (i.e Eugene, Kambili, Jaja, Beatrice, and Aunty Ifeoma) are property of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. “A Day in the Life” Diary Entries are simply part of a class activity, which allows students to gain a better understanding and appreciation of Adichie’s characters through embodying and portraying them.


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