Eugene – “It pains me”

Sunday 23rd May, 2017


It was looking like it was to be a wondrous Sunday, visitors had come to see me and my family and I would be attending Mass soon. Oh how I do look forward to going to Mass today, to feel closer to God and to be surrounded by believers. What a glorious day it would be, we would eat breakfast after Mass and then go about our Sunday as we usually do, but alas it was not meant to be. After my visitors left, I made my way up to where I knew my family would be happy to see them, but my happiness soon faded as I saw Kambili eating cereal. She was breaking the Eucharistic fast. How dare she commit such a blasphemous act?! Beatrice tried to make an excuse for such an action and Jaja confessed to giving her the food. I removed my belt and beat them all with it. They must learn. It is not right to commit such an act. It pains me so to have to do this, but I do it out of love. I do it because they must learn. I wish that they would stop making me do these things. It really does pain me. I hope that they will soon learn.

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Disclaimer: All characters mentioned (i.e Eugene, Kambili, Jaja, Beatrice, and Aunty Ifeoma) are property of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. “A Day in the Life” Diary Entries are simply part of a class activity, which allows students to gain a better understanding and appreciation of Adichie’s characters through embodying and portraying them.


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