“My Mission” (a poem)

Preface: This is a poem I wrote in partial fulfillment of my Communication Studies School-Based Assessment for CAPE. It is meant as a tribute to hardworking and passionate teachers, who are often underpaid and undervalued. I hope you enjoy it.

My Mission

Each day I wake to see their little smiles

To nurture and inspire is my passion

They groan as I take worksheets from my files

they’re shoved in backpacks in reluctant fashion


Late nights see me frustrated with their grades,

while marking piles of homework in my room;

but my determination never fades

I run on the desire to see them bloom


I work to see the “ah ha!” in their eyes-

the point at which they grasp the things I teach;

I feel accomplished as I see them rise

to heights I always wished that they would reach!


Despite long hours that I must endure,

I am repaid by watching them mature.




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